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 From ideation to development, pitch to sales, production to post,
guidance helps good ideas become extraordinary content.


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Darla Marasco

 Strategic Thinker — Futurist Savvy — Bridge Builder

Darla Marasco is an award-winning visionary who has paved the path for today’s popular television and film. Marasco has helped successful series in a variety of genres but has been at the forefront of the nonfiction revolution for several decades. Every network she worked with saw significant ratings boosts. Many of her projects became ratings juggernauts for their respective platforms. And as a member of the Producers Guild of America, her career of accomplishment has been highlighted by contribution to 10 Emmy Awards.

She is praised for her ability to find trendsetting projects and for her leadership, creating a congenial, empowering team atmosphere. Every project is delivered on time, and on budget, exceeding artistic and technical objectives — further establishing her collaborative, optimistic, unifying, and keenly resourceful way of being.

Possessing a well of industry knowledge, Marasco has brought countless projects to life. Her experience, insight, passion, and futurist savvy have led to the founding of Marasco Media where powerful creatives converge.

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More Than Just a Production Company

An Artist Champion

Marasco Media was founded on the vision of providing creative talents a platform to further a collective vision and to fulfill their ambitions and lead the way to tomorrow’s entertainment.  Darla has managed hundreds of talented creatives, developed numerous Emmy Award-winning projects and advanced the careers of her incredible teams.

We bring together colleagues of writers, producers and editors to the connections they need to further themselves in their field, but more importantly, to organically guide, develop and manifest extraordinary content onto the screen.


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